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The demand for improving the quality of education has been increasing lately, global competition in the era of the free market is one of the main factors in the education chain, which is related to management. This causes a very strict competence. To be able to participate in this global competition, quality schools are often identified with schools that have high effectiveness characteristics, namely: a positive school climate, a school planning process that involves all school members, high expectations for academic achievement, effective monitoring of student progress, and teacher effectiveness. To create a quality school, many things must be done. Starting from underpinning schools with effective communication in order to agree and build the spirit (values) that underlies the improvement of an educational institution so that it becomes quality. This spirit will be reflected in the school's vision and mission, organizational structure and job descriptions, work systems and procedures, policies and rules, regulations, school facilities and the atmosphere and relationships including the attitudes and behavior of the principal, teachers and other education staff/school residents. It is on this basis that quality school management can be developed. In this context, effective communication plays a role in managing and establishing policies, outreach and implementation in an educational institution. Furthermore, based on the executor, it can organize full/maximum quality (effective and superior) schools. In order for this practice to be realized more quickly, it is hoped that schools will implement this step properly and correctly and always innovate and seek new approaches in an effort to build quality schools

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